Dental Online Training

Tutorial - How to navigate through our courses

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In this article, you will learn how to navigate through sections, modules, and videos.

Courses are divided up into sections. These sections are further broken down into video modules. With DOT, you have the control to play or replay sections and modules of your choosing.

Skip Sections

A section is a set of modules.

1. If you would like to skip an entire section rather than just a single module, click to expand the module of your choice using the arrow next to the section name. These modules usually have titles such as “Lecture”, “Case Study”, “Self Assessment”, and “Hands-On”.
2. You can expand and collapse each section to view all section descriptions or modules.

Skip Modules

Modules are individual videos within a section.

1. To skip a module, view the modules on the left side of the screen underneath each section.
2. The selected module will appear with a black bar on the left side of the module name and a small black check mark on the right.
3. Once you have selected the module you would like to view, press “play” under the video screen”.

Fast Forward through Module Video

1. In the video tools section, you can fast forward 20 seconds or rewind 10 seconds with each click by selecting the arrow icons surrounding the pause/play button.

Skip through Action Shots in a Module Video

With DOT courses, you are able to control what parts of a module you would like to play or replay. You are able to fast forward through a video which has been made easier with bookmarks in each module.

1. To skip through parts of a module video, you can select bookmarks within the video playback bar under the video content (see the yellow circle around “Bleed the tip” in the image below). You can click on each bookmark (represented by a bullet point) in the playback bar.