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#1 Learn in your
own time.

Economically experience
hands-on training in the comfort
of your own office.

#2 Learn at your
own pace.

Study key sessions
by watching them multiple
times if needed.

#3 Practice
Multiple Times

Course kits come with
the same materials used
in the technique videos.


How Do The Courses Work?

Lecture with clinical cases and important information on a particular restorative technique. 
Guided demonstration recorded through a microscope for clinical success.
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Order kits and follow along

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
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What else is included?

  • Self-assessment tests 
  • Handout download 
  • Discussion areas
  • CE credits

Get help as you go

Stop any video and ask a question without leaving the course. 

Course kits available

Follow the technique demonstration at your own pace. 
 Kits cost between $40-$150

Discover why dentists keep coming back for more. 

You will just have to experience it for yourself.
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I’ve learned from many talented dentists over the years but not everybody can teach! Dr. Hartlieb is both talented and is a great teacher! I am always amazed by his skillful and calm ability to deliver his lectures, which only comes from someone who knows a lot about the field and still works diligently on expanding and perfecting his craft. 

         Madeleine Zhao, D.D.S

Start your journey to become a better cosmetic dentist.