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"I see an opportunity for dentists to learn at their own pace without the expense of travel and tuition of traditional hands-on programs." Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

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Coffee and donuts
with Dr. Hartlieb

This informal ‘hangout’ is a time for DOT members to chat with Dr. Dennis Hartlieb about all things dentistry – patient treatment, staffing issues, running a practice.  Each session will be limited to so that everyone can have a chance to participate.

For everyone that loves learning

Dr. Dennis Hartlieb will help you unlock your potential so you can excel in your dental practice. Boost your confidence, master new techniques, and become a well-rounded dentist for your patients. 

Discussion areas

Get your questions answered. Every course has a discussion area for specific question about a topic. You can also start a new topic in the main social page.

 Recent community post

"Dennis, I'll need a refresher on the biologic width anatomy. It looks like in the image, the probe is measuring 3mm from the prep margin to the bone. It appears as if you could drop the prep 1mm. It looks as if the prep is .5mm above the attached gingiva. You could prep .5mm more subgingival and still be in the sulcus without violating the biologic width. What is the distance beyond the sulcus to the bone? Tissue margins would be closer to being at the same height."
Dr. Hartlieb is an incredible educator and the Dental Online Training website is tremendous! The course content that is provided can help ANYONE from a new dental graduate to a veteran of the field. The way the content is organized allows it to be done at your pace and around your busy schedule, and the production value is as good as any dental education out there. I would recommend ALL of the courses on the website, especially considering the value!

Dr. Jason Genta

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