Sep 5 / Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

Ep. 48: You Need an Old Guy for That - Solo Bonding Series

About the Sharecast 

In this Solo Bonding Sharecast episode, our host Dr. Dennis Hartlieb reflects on his career as a dentist and his latest sailing adventure on Lake Michigan.

In this episode, Dr. Hartlieb gives us great advice on meeting mentors and consistently continuing education in dentistry.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

0:09 Dr. Hartlieb's passions- Michigan football, dentistry, cycling and a new hobby.
 The 1963 Chesapeake sailing boat adventure.
 The challenges of being a young dentist.
The importance of continuing education and mentorship.
Reaching out for mentorship in challenging cases from established practices.

Dennis Hartlieb, DDS, AAACD

DOT Founder

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