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Class II Direct Resin Course

Watch this clinical tip that is part of the course and learn how to support the matrix band if there is an embrasure that is open.
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Every course has a kit available for you with the same typodont and materials using in the technique demonstration portion of the hands-on courses. The price varies from only $40 to $150 depending on the materials included in the kit.
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Dr. Dennis Hartlieb will help you unlock your potential so you can excel in your dental practice. Boost your confidence, master new techniques, and become a well-rounded dentist for your patients. 

Coffee and donuts
with Dr. Hartlieb

This informal ‘hangout’ is a time for DOT members to chat with Dr. Dennis Hartlieb about all things dentistry – patient treatment, staffing issues, running a practice.  Each session will be limited to so that everyone can have a chance to participate.  

CPR for the Worn
Dentition Course

Everything you need to know to treat patients with wear and erosion.
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Private Discussion Areas

Access course discussion areas ask your questions as they come up, without having to stop or get out of the course. 
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Restoring the Peg Lateral Incisor

While at first glance, the maxillary peg lateral restoration may seem to be pretty straight forward, there are several factors to consider when evaluating these patients for cosmetic dental treatment.

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  Next webinar - Geri Gottlieb, practice consultant.

DOT Sharecast

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We like to call our podcast a "sharecast" because our goal is to share great information with our members. Listen to interviews with experts, coaches and successful dentists and learn insider tips that can help you immediately.
Latest Episode: Dr. Jim McKee
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I love this course platform. For three reasons 1. Easy to understand and follow 2. Super inexpensive compared to in person hands-on courses. 3. Great feedback from the instructor! Highly recommend... Amazing value for the investment on your own time!!

         Sofya Kats, D.D.S