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Hands-on Kits

Get hands-on training at your own time and in your own time. 
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Class V Composite Restorations

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Our kits contain only the materials necessary to do the technique in your office.
I see an opportunity for dentists to learn at their own pace without the expense of travel and tuition of traditional hands-on programs.
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You only pay for kits if you want to try a hands-on technique.

 $150 Class IV Composite- Natural Layering Approach

$70 Class II Direct Resin  

$50 Class V Composite Restoration  

"Dr. Hartlieb takes continuing education to the next level with DOT learning."
Dr. Julia Niyazova

 $150 Simplified Esthetic Implant Provisional

$150 The Esthetic Post and Core 

 $40 Porcelain Veneer Preparation

$40 Posterior Occlusal Restorations  

"Dr. Hartleib is a great teacher and anytime you have a question he's prompt in answering. "

 $80 Digital Dental Photography

  $40 Class IV - Simple Approach

$110 Masking the Dark Tooth with Composite 

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