CPR for the Worn Dentition

  • Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
  • Live virtual workshop
  • Day 1: 9-4 pm Central
  • Day 2: 9-2 pm Central
  • 14 CE credits (AGD codes: 180, 250, 610, 780)
  • Replay for 1 year
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Learn how to treat dental erosion and wear, protect the teeth, and open vertical dimension, in your own space.


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Learn everything you need to know to treat wear cases without disrupting your life.



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Develop strategies to safely rebuild your patient's smile and open VDO (if necessary).


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Learn smile design tips and layering techniques to consider when creating beautiful smiles.


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Discover how to safely transition patients from prototype bonding to definitive therapy.

No-preparation, reversible technique

The etiology of the wear appears to be multi-factorial, and the occurrence of wear cases seems to be increasing, both in severity and in the number of patients presenting with these issues. Unfortunately, patients may find it difficult to accept the changes in tooth length, form, and contour, which can lead to patient dissatisfaction and restorative failure.

During this LIVE hands-on workshop, we will review the utilization of direct resin bonding in a non-preparation, reversible technique to create prototype restorations in worn dentition and smile transformation cases.
  • Learn how to identify the etiology of the disease
  • Learn how to work out esthetic, occlusal, functional, and phonetic issues with the patient, before committing to definitive restorations.
  • Discover tips to consider when creating beautiful smiles and how to transition patients from prototype bonding to definitive therapy.
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Replay for 1 year

DAY 1 

  •  9:00 AM CDT Lecture
  • Erosion and wear – the why and the how
  • Adding length to teeth – when is it safe
  • Opening VDO to compensate for lost tooth structure – where to begin
  • Records visit and key points you need to understand before you start
  • The smile – the 7 strategic points to consider when evaluating the smile
  • Anterior tooth shape, morphology
  • Clinical case review
  •  12:30 PM Lunch Break
  •  1:15 PM Hands-on
  • Upper Putty matrix construction
  • Build lingual incisal wall with putty matrix #6 - #11/ Upper anteriors
  • Full contour build-up #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, shape and polish/ Upper anteriors
  •  4:00 PM End of day 1


  •  9:00 AM CDT Lecture
  • Who – which patients are candidates 
  • Why – explaining to patients the value of the prototype 
  • How – step-by-step techniques to maximize predictability, efficiency and success
  • Getting to Yes: conversations with patients about esthetic and reconstructive dentistry
  • The ‘Smile Preview’ – techniques to show the possibilities
  •  10:30 AM BREAK
     10:45 AM HANDS-ON
  • Lower Putty matrix construction 
  • Build lingual incisal wall with putty matrix #22 - #27 / lower anteriors
  • Build-up #22 - #27, shape and polish / lower anteriors
  • Build-up lower occlusal posteriors
  • Demonstration of Smile Preview
  •  2:00 PM End of day 2

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Dr. Jeremy Peyser

Premium Member
One of the things that I like about DOT is that it's a safe environment to ask questions, to show work, you know and to get constructive criticism that enables each person's go to the next level. So that's a great thing about it is that we show our work, and that we can learn from each person's challenges.

Dr. Mohit Joshi

Premium Member
[Dr. Dennis Hartlieb] taught me when I was in dental school, so when he came out with DOT I had to jump on. It's just an invaluable online piece that I think everyone should take advantage of. I love it because you can essentially work at your own pace. It's easy access, the content is relevant, it's super informative, and you can take it directly from wherever you are listening to it, to your practice the next day.

Dr. Michelle Farnoush

Premium Member
DOT is a online cosmetic dental training platform. It's revolutionizing how we learn cosmetic dental techniques. What makes DOT different is that not only do you get hands-on kits and you can learn at your own pace, but you can also join virtual small group sessions and webinars and get one-on-one mentorship from Dr. Hartlieb himself... Learning things online is the new way that education is going and DOT is revolutionizing how we do that in dentistry.

Dr. Sofya Kats

Premium Member
I love this course platform for for three reasons: 1. Easy to understand and follow 2. Super inexpensive compared to in person hands-on courses. 3. Great feedback from the instructor! Highly recommend... Amazing value for the investment on your own time!!

Dr. Emily Varsanik

Premium Member
I purchased a membership in November. This is the first course that I have completed, and it was wonderful! With a young daughter at home, the flexibility to study on my time is priceless, and the quality of this course was so much better than anything I anticipated. I can't wait to continue with my learning!"

Dr. Satbir Singh Saini

Premium Member
This platform has really helped me improve my dentistry. I feel like I'm way ahead than my other batchmates in practicing a better dentistry because of this course. I really glad I joined this course and this is a very economical course for students. This course has boosted my career many years ahead.

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Dr. Dennis Hartlieb is an active member in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) where he’s both an Accredited Member and Examiner for Accreditation. Dr. Hartlieb is the former President of the Chicago Academy of Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy, and a member of the prestigious American Academy of Restorative Dentistry. 


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CPR for the Worn Dentition

  • Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
  • Live virtual workshop
  • 14 hands-on participation CE credits
  • Replay for 1 year
FREE to Premium Members.
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